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Theme 1: Earth, Life and the Evolution of Life

     Theme 1A: The functional organization of living organisms

            Chapter 1: The multi-cellular organism, a set of specialized cells

            Chapter 2 : Gene expression in specialized cells

            Chapter 3 : Cells metabolism

     Theme 1B: Biodiversity, Outcome and Evolutionary Phase

            Chapter 1: Biodiversity scales

            Chapter 2: Biodiversity changes over time

            Chapter 3: Evolutionary forces

            Chapter 4: Intraspecific communication and sexual selection

Theme 2: Contemporary issues of the planet

     Theme 2A: Geoscience and Soil Dynamics

            Chapter 1: Erosion, processes and consequences

            Chapter 2: Sedimentation and Sedimentation Environment

            Chapter 3: Erosion and human activity

     Theme 2B: Agrosystems and Sustainable Development

            Chapter 1: Structure and functioning of agrosystems

            Chapter 2: Soil Characteristics and Biomass Production

            Chapter 3: Towards sustainable agrosystem management

Theme 3: Human body and health

     Theme 3A: Procreation and Human Sexuality

            Chapter 1: The human body, from fecundation to puberty

            Chapter 2: Brain, pleasure, sexuality

            Chapter 3: Hormones and Human Reproduction

     Theme 3B: Microorganisms and Health

            Chapter 1: Pathogens and vector-borne diseases

            Chapter 2: Human Microbiota and Health