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Theme 1: Earth, Life and the Evolution of Life

    Chapter 1: The cell, basic unit of life

            1. The cells of multicellular organisms are specialized

            2. The origin of cell specialization

    Chapter 2: Biodiversity, the living tissue of Earth

            1. A definition of biodiversity

            2. Quantifying biodiversity

            3. The evolution of biodiversity

            4. Protecting Biodiversity


Theme 2: Contemporary issues of the planet

    Chapter 3: Mineral resources as a challenge

            1. Mineral resources, renewable resources?

            2. The formation of mineral resources

            3. The consequences of their use

    Chapter 4: Agricultural production as a challenge

            1. The consequences of agroecosystems’ exploitation

            2. Soil, a vital resource

            3. Towards sustainable agroecosystem management


Theme 3: Human body and health

    Chapter 5: Human Sexuality

            1. From genetic to phenotypic sex

            2. Identity and sexual orientation

            3. Contraception, contragestion and MAP techniques

    Chapter 6: Germs, friend or enemy ?

            1. The covid-19 pandemic

            2. Animal-borne microorganisms

            3. Microorganisms in our intestines