2 : The origin of cell specialization

1. Write in your notebook :

                                   2. The origin of cell specialization
                                  How cells that are supposed to have the same genes (because they come from the same egg cell) can have different structures and functions ?

2. Write in your notebook and learn the vocabulary below :

  • strand : brin
  • encoded : codé
  • to express : s’exprimer
  • gene : gène
  • allele : allèle
  • following : suivant
  • sequence : séquence
  • brain : cerveau


3. Watch the video : L’ADN. As you watch the video, perform the following tasks :

Part 1: Make a diagram of a portion of DNA with the following sequence (given for one strand) : G T A A T G

Part 2: Answer the following two questions :

  1. How is the genetic information encoded ?
  2. What does « a gene can express » mean ?

Part 3 : TRUE or FALSE :

  1. Each cell in the body contains only the genes it uses. For example, a brain cell (neuron) does not contain the genes that code for eye color.
  2. Cells only express the genes that are useful for itself. For example, a neuron does not express the gene for eye color.


4. Go to Pronote to answer this week’s questionnaire. Attention, the MCQ is about the video you have just seen AND the scales of life.