Chapter 1: Erosion, processes and consequences

1. Write in your notebook :

         Theme 2: Contemporary issues of the planet

                  Theme 2A: Geoscience and Soil Dynamics

                                    Chapter 1: Erosion, processes and consequences
                                                              How are landscapes modified by erosion and what are the consequences?

2. Watch the video : L’altération et l’érosion. After viewing it, on a blank sheet of paper, write down the main ideas you have selected. Look for at least several minutes before restarting the video to complete or correct your key ideas.

3. Answer on Pronote to the MCQ entitled : « T2A – Chapter 1 – Erosion ». You have until the beginning of the next course to answer the MCQ. Be careful, you will only have 8 minutes to answer the 5 questions and you will not be able to go back. So do the MCQ once the video is well understood.